Events are either (in general one-time-only, one day) form of presentation, or constitutes a form of medium between classic elements in a programme, like “gallery” or “festival”.
For many years, the OFFicyna with its activity has been leading a discourse on the current area of art, touching the boundaries of its contemporary definition. That is why, on the one hand, the events characterize our substantive field of interest – we organize multimedia shows, performances, but also discussions about the history of Szczecin or book promotions. On the other hand, each time we develop a form of presentation or public co-creation that expresses the idea of the planned action as fully as possible. Therefore the events are both individual actions and cyclical undertaking (but then, they most often take the form of “own projects”). Many of our initiatives escape the division into “exhibition”, “events” or “festival”, even if they have one of these words in its name.